Philosophy seeks to improve people and circumstances to the same extent as it seeks to find the truth”. (Delia Steinberg Guzmán, International President).

Philosophy and the actions organized by New Acropolis International (OINA) foster the ability to think and act for oneself and to participate in the democratic processes that promote respect for dignity and human rights”. (Declaration of the General Assembly of OINA, 2000)

A very important aspect of OINA’s educational programs is the promotion of philosophy as an activity that can bring great benefits to people today.

Many New Acropolis centers around the world responded enthusiastically to UNESCO’s invitation to commemorate World Philosophy Day throughout the month of November: philosophical cafés, debates between specialists, plays featuring episodes from the history of philosophy, tributes to the wise men and women of all times – these are some examples of the extraordinary variety of events generated by the imagination of the young philosophers of New Acropolis.

OINA transmits its idea of a philosophy accessible to all as an attitude to life, an art of living. This event, which is celebrated all over the world in November each year, reaches an audience of more than two million people through the media and public events.

The variety of activities that are organized makes it clear that philosophy in the classical tradition, that is, philosophy as a way of life, can enrich the expressions of human life. Philosophy can be found at the cinema, over a coffee, in the statues of sages that adorn the streets of our cities…

What are the main aims?
The main aim of this initiative is to highlight the importance of cultivating philosophy as a way of facing the special conditions that the modern world presents us with, because for OINA it is important to recover the art of teaching people to think and reflect, to search for the truth and then to put it into practice.

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